Dr Amy McKee

Amy MckeeDr Amy McKee (BSc, DClin Psy, Msc) is a clinical psychologist based in the North West of England providing risk assessments, management advice, consultancy and treatment interventions.

She has extensive experience in working with women who present with complex forensic and mental health needs. Amy also works for the Police and is an expert adviser registered with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.

She provides training to specialist investigation and interviewing courses nationally with a focus on understanding the offender, particularly in areas of safeguarding, child protection, personality disorders and sexual offending.


She has expertise in the field of counter terrorism providing consultation services, risk and threat assessments and training.

She has provided advice on media appeals, investigative interview strategies and downstream monitoring support to police forces throughout the United Kingdom on a number of major inquiries.

Amy has a particular interest in offenders who harm children and has recently completed her MSc research thesis investigating psychological processes of maternal filicide offenders in the United Kingdom which has been accepted for publication in "Child Abuse & Neglect"