Financial Courses

Organisations in today's world are faced with continuous challenges with stricter controls and measures introduced in a regulatory environment to encourage operational transparency.

The requirement for reaching these obligations has necessitated the adoption of compliance controls within the organisational framework.

Interviews are a vital part of these regulatory compliance controls and may consist of Audits, Financial and Accounting processes, addressing any Anti Money Laundering (AML) issues, and Corporate Insolvency.

Traditionally these types of interviews are mainly associated with gaining information about business systems, processes and the records of a company, business or an individual.

Vital information is gathered by conducting these meetings to ascertain the validity, reliability and creditability of information.

They can also provide an assessment of a business team, an individual, a structure, a system's internal control, hidden assets, money laundering behaviour -BUT how effective are the execution of these interviews without any training or a defined structure to follow?

FIS® will design a tailored and efficient interview processes within a proven framework for your organisation.

That will improve the quality and quantity of information gathered in any compliance meeting or interview.