Client Solutions


Our services are multilayered and integrated. Depending on the needs of the client, a specific solution may be selected or the client may choose to engage us for end-to-end services.



Consultancy & Advisory

  • FIS® consultancy and advisory solutions are available across all named ‘areas of service’ within the indicated sectors

Our consulting and advisory services entail strategic, operational and technology related advice and guidance to clients. FIS® has acquired significant practical planning, bespoke design and implementation experience for providing investigative solutions and services over the years.

Over the years FIS® has acquired an extensive network of experienced and knowledgeable subject matter experts with practical application experience within commercial and regulatory environments.

ClientSolutions fisTraining & Education

  • Public courses
  • Tailored and in-person facilitation of training programs

With the consultation we undertake with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, we are able to develop fully contextualized training programs relevant and practical to the daily functions and responsibilities of their staff.

The learning pathways designed are accompanied with comprehensive and supportive training material; including course outlines, lesson plans, and storyboards that cover each program with SMART objectives in mind.

FIS® is currently developing online modules covering all generic courses that complement our programs and services.

FIS® provides public courses and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events.


  • FIS® are approved suppliers of national standard investigative training courses – United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand
  • Training providers of the FIS P.E.A.C.E Investigative Interviewing Technique®
  • Consultants in the development of unit standards within the compliance sector

FIS® are currently approved suppliers of national standard investigative training courses within the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, providing us competitive advantage where regulatory bodies and government agencies are concerned.