"Ive had FETI, REID etc, to include FBI and Wicklander methods over the last 16 years and this PEACE method of training I believe enhanced my skills immensely. All the trainers were great !

Feedback from Albuquerque Police Department Detective attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


"Thank you, the course was hands down the best training course I’ve ever taken for sure! Wishing you much success in bringing PEACE to America!"

Feedback from General Manager of Investigations Office of the Inspector General Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


"I cannot thank you enough for your time and the class. This ranks as one of the best training courses I have attended!!"

Feedback from Sergeant Robert Leatham Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


"It’s not often expectations are exceeded these days but David and Martin definitely achieved that. They were really easy to get along with and their delivery was excellent. I’ve worked with people who are very experienced and knowledgeable in the past and they don’t necessarily make great trainers, but both of them have a definite knack for getting the information across and keeping people engaged. Across the board my whole team was really impressed with the course. The content was very relevant to what we do and the framework and practical skills that you teach are something that we can use on a daily basis – in fact you’ve created a lot of work for me to start implementing all of this into our policies and procedures!".

Feedback from Paul Sidebotham PaySafe Group, Head of Internal Fraud, Enterprise Risk Management

"This was the best and most important law enforcement training I have ever received.  There are no gimmicks - it is simple, straightforward, and effective. I was able to begin using the PEACE system immediately on returning to work, and it has already improved the way I interview.  The PEACE method of interviewing should be the standard in American law enforcement" 

Feedback from a FBI Special Agent attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course

"I had my first occasion to use the PEACE model this past week with an informant interview. I was shocked by the amount of detail and information that I received in comparison to my old style of interviewing. I had a partner with me, and I cringed as he utilized his style and interrupted my new format. Definitely could tell a difference in style now and information given. I also have completely switched to Notetaker. It works great, and I've shared it around my office.

Feedback from Police Detective, Washington DC attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


This framework has many things that other systems of interviewing do not … there is no coercion or confrontation. There are so many facets of this training that are appealing to law enforcement, the courts & communities. I could go on and on. GREAT TRAINING & GREAT SYSTEM”

Feedback from Police Detective Patzer, Colorado attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


“In 22 years in law enforcement, and countless hours of training, this was the best and most important training I have ever attended”

Feedback from Police Detective Lintz, Colorado attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


“This course is the best, most practical, hands-on, law enforcement training I have been through.  It fundamentally changed how I will conduct interviews ..”

Feedback from Police Detective Stucky, Colorado attending the 5 day P.E.A.C.E. course


"Absolutely eye-opening approach to interviewing with a focus on respect for the individual and fact finding. The facilitator was world class and rarely did I need to reference the material during a session".

"Outstanding training and trainers. I feel much more confident and better prepared for my future interviews. The delivery of the course was outstanding and very professional".

Recent feedback from Investigators at the Soboba Casino, Los Angeles 


"Eye opening, extremely fresh techniques and models. The trainer is a very talented presenter and very fun to be around - truly a pleasure. The takeaway is to spread the gospel of a more adequate model of interviewing. More Military, Law Enforcement and others must embrace thus!"

Recent feedback from USAF Sgt, Seattle public course


"It added many valuable tools to my toolbox and confidence in my skills. It also broadened my awareness to flaws in previous techniques used and how best to avoid poor interviewing/investigation work. The instructor did a fantastic job delivering the material and presenting it in a logical flow with excellent first hand experience and teaching aids. Thank you FIS for the work you are doing to improve investigative work worldwide by educating and training and helping others implement these superior techniques into their own programs/practice. It is truly an honourable service you're dong your dedication to this cause".

Recent feedback from USAF Sgt, Seattle public course


"Very informative and valuable in relation to interviewing and training techniques. Incredible teaching skills and personality. Great that it was all positive and didn't attack other techniques even though they should be criticised! 

Recent feedback from Canadian Police Detective, Seattle public course


"The course truly opened the door to me in regard to interviewing. I did not know what I did not know! I think this gives me a new confidence to go to my interviews and investigations. The Trainer was outstanding and I learnt a lot from John".

Recent feedback from Fraud and Security Manger, Tampa public course


"It asserted a lot more purpose behind the interview set up, with particular regard to planning and evaluation. The tie-in to the investigative process and investigative mindset drove it home. Fantastic venue and the speakers talent as trainer was very clear. The PEACE model needs to be introduced to State and Professional associations in the US".

Recent feedback from a Financial Regulator, Tampa public course


"It gives U.S. agencies an alternative to other techniques. This technique is a great, proven process that can be adapted to U.S. laws. The Presenter was passionate which helps in the creditability of the course, the years of use of PEACE and the presenters experience with it are invaluable".

Recent Feedback from a Police Detective Loveland PD, Colorado 


"The workshop gave a good perspective and very different to the training Ive received in the past. It is far less confrontational and more logic based. The course is valuable and it would be great to get involved in our post academy and Detective training across the State".

Recent Feedback from a Police Detective Fort Collins PD, Colorado


"The workshop introduced me to a completely new interviewing framework. Excellent instructor and I think Conversation Management will be a technique I use immediately. I intend to attend a full 5 day workshop"

Recent Feedback from a Police Detective Fort Collins PD, Colorado  


"Its revolutionised how I will conduct interviews and cant wait to try it. They were excellent presenters, the entire way I conduct interviews will change and I really want to bring this to my organisation"

Recent feedback from a Government Manager at the Texas Work Commission, Dallas


"I think the information given is going to improve my informal interviews, as well as my investigation interviews. Prior to this class I utilised the Reid Technique but I feel more comfortable with the FIS PEACE Investigative Interviewing Technique. I enjoyed the presenters and their delivery so I will certainly be looking forward to using my new found skills immediately"

Recent feedback from an Insurance Investigator, Dallas 


"It helped identify some of the deficiencies in our current approach and provide a great framework for how the interviews should flow. It demonstrated the value of listening vs. confronting ! There was an amazing amount of valuable information that will have an immediate impact on my day to day job"

Recent feedback from a Sentry Insurance Manager after the 'Introducing PEACE to America' course in Dallas


"The workshop was so helpful and I plan on using as much of it as possible. The FIS PEACE Investigative Interviewing Technique is a great program for me to work off and I thought the delivery was great ! I love how we got to do group exercises and role plays without it just being a powerpoint presentation"

Recent feedback for an Internal Investigator at Kohler, USA


“An excellent, well-presented, informative course that is a must for investigators. The framework and tools provide a more defensible, transparent approach to investigation and interview that affords credibility and confidence in any organisation.”

David Williamson Manager, Compliance & Enforcement WorkCoverSA


"The delivery was excellent both in terms of the pace, professionlism, detail, subject matter knowledge and expertise. I would recommend this course highly to my networks and contacts both government agencies and private authorities. The FIS course content and components, resources and materials are only surpassed by the excellent skils and dedication of the facilitator"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigation Manager on PEACE Training


"In relation to the course delivered by FIS, it was not only thoroughly enjoyed but a lot learnt as well. The skills and advice I received enables me to take back new ideas to Fisheries to get better results from our interviews. We as an agency endeavour to operate with the best methods possible and in relation to interviewing, what FIS delivered are the best methods worldwide.

Thank you for all your input and support as well. The whole week was thoroughly enjoyed and meeting great people through it was a real bonus."

Barry Tarr | Senior Fisheries Officer


"Excellent delivery, relaxed style with professional approach, very knowledgeable in this field. This course should be compulsory training for all Investigators it is relevant and aimed at the core role of investigations in the Ministry"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"The course certainly developed my knowledge and made a big difference to the way I structure my interviews and very relevant to now using dictaphones. The delivery of the course was excellent and Jonathan was very professional and patient. He knows his stuff and is able to present it in a relevant manner. In summary this is the first interview course I have attended that has been relevant and challenging - this will result in an improvement of my skills"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"I found the PEACE Models - Cognitive and Management of Conversation a valuable new tool, and can see them changing the way I have discussions with suspects and witnesses. The trainer was direct, honest and professional and used a variety of methods to illustrate & convey relevant information/techniques. Thank you Jonathan for introducing me to a set of Interviewing tools & Processes that will change the way I interview suspects and witnesses. I haven't previously received any interview skills training at this level and thank you for sharing your skill base. I looking forward to putting the skills & techniques into practice and cant wait!"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Great course I learnt a lot and now need to apply the Models into my role. The FIS course delivery was excellent and was run in a great environment"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"A huge increase in my interviewing skills, can't wait to start using them for real. Highly professional delivery of the course subjects, trainer has an infectious passion for the subject. Very polished and proficient presentation - obviously a highly respected practitioner. I will take away a better understanding of how people respond and deliver information. I will implement both Models in all my witness and suspect interviewing, my cases will be airtight and I will not get as many defendant hearings. Excellent course which was well presented - relevant to todays environment and something that I can start using tomorrow, a lot more tools in my kitbag!"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"It will change the way I do my job and interviews - I can't wait! I believe it will result in better investigations and more complete statements. Brilliant course, highly valuable, it will change my style of interviewing and intend implementing it straight away. Jonathan is great and his experience is invaluable and his style keeps it interesting - would love to get Tier 2!"

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Having the time to complete full interviews was beneficial to assist in the relation of course content. Old ways of interviewing that have become too routine and fail to gather required information are now gone! I look forward to seeing good quality interviews being conducted. It's a very different style of interviewing that assists in maximizing information gained from witnesses and suspects alike. This will enable Investigators to build strong cases and less risk to the Organisation".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigation Manager on PEACE Training


"Excellent - I love and will be using many of the aide memoirs in my job. Such as for witnesses: the parameters and funnel and for suspects: the wants analysis as my investigation plan plus the nine square. The course was great and every Govt. Investigator should have the opportunity to attend it".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"The FIS Trainer was clearly an expert on this subject matter and shared his knowledge & experiences with the trainees. I will take away new interviewing techniques to extract more information from suspects and witnesses. The practical guide book to refer with and relevant aids to use during the interviewing process was very helpful for training sessions".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigation Manager on PEACE Training


"Excellent delivery – information given clearly and concisely in a measured manner. The best trainer I have had in my time in the Govt. Organisation! It was an excellent course, money and time well spent. I can go away feeling more confident – more tools in the toolbox and confident that the quality of investigations will markedly improved".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"I find the PEACE model has taken me away from the old concept of having to get a cough. In my mind it takes the pressure off me. Simply put I am there to highlight the discrepancies in the facts. Once I got the significance of ´take it to the bank´ and its crucial role, I found the training/trainer to be excellent, especially the use of small statements, reminders which provided me with clarity".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"I was impressed with the FIS trainer, clearly most knowledgeable on his chosen subject, but excellent at relating it to me. A tough learning curve but must rewarding, thanks".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Very good, completely different to what I been presented and informed by others in New Zealand, much better! Relevant, applicable to my role as an investigator, marine based. Keep up the good work, very good course, well worth attending".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"A very, very good course. All aspects of what was taught I will try to use in future interviews and look forward to the feedback going forward with interviewing. The delivery of the course and trainer were both Excellent, very well presented, one of the best training courses I have ever attended".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Very worthwhile, my knowledge developed and all the group improved. The subjects were very well presented, clear and good information/concepts. An experienced and knowledgable trainer - Articulate and Creditable".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


“The trainer was superb, practical knowledge showed was useful and easy for participants to relate too. Excellent reading materials that provide theory and practical examples to the PEACE Model”.

Investigation Officer – Securities Commission Malaysia


"Practical settings where everyone could observe, was a fantastic learning opportunity. Having video when doing interviews provided realistic pressure element. Instant feedback when watching provided valuable insight when watching other participant interviews. Thanks FIS for your time and effort much appreciated".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Very relevant and apparent a great deal of work had been put into understanding the Organisations context and scenarios built were varied with the issues arising making all scenarios a learning experience. Great use of collaborative collective learning. Well paced, enabled all participants to deliver their best and utilize all opportunities".

Recent feedback from a Government Prosecutions Manager on PEACE Training


"Very relevant for me personally and enjoyed the course immensely the experience of the FIS trainer was obvious and very well delivered. It was a great opportunity to learn a very relevant way of interviewing, I hope to expand my knowledge with a future course with you - thanks Jonathan".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"Im not saying Im highly skilled but the course has given me the knowledge to develop my skills, with a few interviews under my belt I will be highly skilled - its a huge learning curve and Im excited about using it in the field. The FIS trainer was excellent, with a good balance of professionalism, personality and experience".

Recent feedback from a Government Investigator on PEACE Training


"The training given by FIS has allowed my team to instantly build rapport with the claimant; it has allowed them to break-down the sequence of events relating to the loss and use open ended questions to prompt for information relevant to the loss.
The training has enabled my team to identify and isolate claims requiring professional investigation.
This benefits our customers by reducing claim settlement times for valid claims, and helps reduce our claim expenses by being selective in appointing investigators to claims".

In my recent work conducted within a major insurance provider, a manager provided the above written feedback.


"The training given by FIS a couple weeks ago around the questioning and interviewing techniques has helped me a great deal in handling suspicious claims and clients. The way the questions are structured has helped me the most, before we were asking a lot of closed questions to get the answers we wanted. Now we are asking more open questions first and then slowly narrowing them down to the more closed and directed questions. I also find the structure helps with my explanation of the issues surrounding the claim, first outlining the issue we have and then going through them one by one and explaining them to the client. This has allowed me to communicate the information to the clients and what we are looking into more easily".

Feedback from a Customer Manager from an insurance Company.


"I would recommend that a lot more is done to encourage our members to get training in this discipline, best speaker, learnt alot from this session and can pass on to my team!".

Presentation at the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF)


"I would recommend every dept goes through this Training. I will take away the ability and skill to dig deeper — to ask questions and that if I am unsure about an event, to ask for clarification. An outsiders point of view is always refreshing. We can only improve and do our job better. The bigger picture is that hopefully everyone gets this training so that every staff member have the same focus and hymn sheet. This would save the company millions of dollars".

In my recent work conducted within a major insurance provider, a customer manager provided the above written feedback.


"Great work Jonathan. You clearly have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. I really liked the constant reinforcement of the key themes to help manage some objectives".

Insurance Training Manager


"The course has improved the way I will prepare for a call. Also this added a lot of structure that could be implemented to give some guide to how calls will be dealt with".

Insurance Manager


"There is a lot of information in this course that will benefit the Organisation. Having this knowledge will aid consultants in their ability to question and gain all the necessary info so claims can be processed better".

Claims Manager


"The review of types of questions, need to be rolled out to all staff throughout the Organisation. Its all relative and will be highly beneficial to the business".

Training Manager


"The material was very relevant. I can now see how the department isn´t operating as well as it should be and could be. This is going to benefit our customers as well as ensuring our staff are working to their full potential".

Debt Recovery Manager


"Fantastic! Awesome! The course delivery was excellent and the trainer is very knowledgable and experienced. The course was informative and I learned new techniques in interviewing witnesses and suspects".

Investigation Officer - Securities Commission