Personal Resilience Courses

We all worry, it’s in the hard-wiring of our brain.

We also feel pressured and stressed at times which can accumulate over time.

The personal resilience sessions are informative, entertaining and work effectively to enable you to handle life’s challenging moments.

Grounded in science and based on practical application across many industries, you will learn why your brain behaves the way it does when under pressure, how to control your emotions in challenging situations and a variety of ways to reverse the impact of stress following a negative event.

Because we are all different, our programmes take a holistic approach to the management of stress.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand why people behave the way they do when under stress
  • Have a basic understanding of positive psychology
  • How to control your emotions in difficult situations
  • Identify the signs of stressors in others
  • Strengthen your personal resilience

Business Outcomes

  • A more resilient workforce - able to withstand the effects of pressure and stress
  • Reduced presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Decisive actions in response to challenges
  • Supervisors taking greater responsibility for their actions
  • Optimistic attitudes increase v Staff act with integrity
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