Call Handling Course

Client phone calls can be costly, both in time and per-minute charges. Streamlining how your team handles and processes calls is critical.

Whether your business involves call centre staff, managers, sales staff, investigators, compliance officers, auditors, FIS® can improve your calls and give you practical tools to deal with any type of client.

Main areas of focus include:

  • Effective interview behaviours and questioning styles.
  • How the mind processes information and questions.
  • Answer processing – how to decipher client answers and obtain quality information to improve service.
  • Effective listening skills – good communication means improved results
  • Question refining – how not to ask leading/misleading questions, multiple and complex questions in order to adopt appropriate question lines.
  • Conflict resolution.


Advanced level - Free Recall Model

Studies show using the Free Recall Model you can gather 40% more information from a person, improving the quality and quantity of information obtained. The Model will improve your service and downstream your business practices.

This model will also quickly identify inaccuracies and individuals will struggle to fabricate stories within the detailed structure of the Free Recall Model.

This model is an essential tool for:

  • Financial investigators
  • Audit professionals

FIS® will specifically design and tailor the Free Recall Model for your organisation in line with your current practices and legislation.

We will help your staff to:

  • Plan and prepare – essential tools for any interview.
  • Establish a rapport over the phone – how to engage and explain.
  • Analyse the customer’s account and initiate free recall.
  • Improve questioning and deduction skills.
  • Effectively cope with challenges – accounts given by clients vs. established facts.
  • Set parameters and retrieve information.
  • Summarise and close interviews efficiently.


Role Play

We all know that practice makes perfect, but in today’s fast-paced environments the opportunity to practice is often overlooked.

Role Play scenarios enable the participant to demonstrate interview skills in an action learning environment. It can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that staff understand the implications, consequences and outcomes of their questioning technique.

Interviewing via a telephone or video link enables the individual to utilise the model in realistic conditions, and provides an added bonus; it gives the rest of the team the ability to assess their colleague’s performance.

Training Documentation

Comprehensive debrief documents will be prepared after the programme for each individual as a reference record of their performance and a DVD or record of their interview will highlight areas for development.

Further interviews will be conducted in the field within a 6-12 month period to ensure staff are utilising the Model.

Business Outcomes

  • Improved fraud prevention
  • Increased levels of detection and loss reduction
  • Effective and improved identified inconsistencies in client accounts
  • Greater understanding and increased skills raise the effectiveness levels of interviewers, saving time and reducing staff costs
  • Raised staff confidence levels leads to increased job satisfaction and higher employee engagement levels
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