Jonathan Davison

Forensic Interview Solutions FIS® was founded by ex-Detective Jonathan Davison, who has over 12 years Investigation and Interview experience as a Detective with Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester Police are among the most advanced practitioners of modern interviewing anywhere in the world and recently featured on the BBC Television programmes Eyewitness.

In his last role with Greater Manchester Police, Jonathan was an Advanced Specialist Tier 3 Interviewer and a Qualified Trainer in the field of Investigative Interviewing.

To be eligible for this role as a Trainer the essential skills required included being a Tier 3 Specialist. In Greater Manchester Police, a Police Force with over 8000 officers, there are approximately 100 Specialists, which gives you an idea of Jonathan´s skills as an investigator and interviewer.

The role of a Tier 3 involves the ability to communicate and investigate to the highest level.

Once a qualified Trainer in Greater Manchester Police, Jonathan became 1 of 8 trainers delivering interview training to the entire force of over 8000 officers in state of the art facilities.

Upon leaving the Greater Manchester Police in 2008, Jonathan set up the company providing these interview programmes to the public and private sector across the world with a vision to create a collaborative team of international experts specialising in investigative interviewing. 

Since the evolution of this vision, FIS® has developed an international reputation and footprint delivering bespoke training, consultancy, and solutions to organisations worldwide. 

As CEO Jonathan developed this footprint to become the leading provider and preferred supplier of ethical investigative interviewing in the marketplace. 

Developing a team which now consists of the worlds leading subject matter experts, representing practitioners and academics who specilaise in the forensic application of the 'science of interviewing' in the workplace to improve investigative decision-making, efficacy and quality.