Ian Tickner

Ian TicknerIan Tickner BA (Hons), CFE has 30 years of extensive policing experience in both the Military and civil police. During that time he has served on both uniform police duties and with the Criminal Investigation Department.

He attended the Advanced CID course with the Lancashire police and attended the Senior Critical Incident Management course at the Police Staff College, Bramshill.

Selected as one of seven force Senior Critical Incident Managers he was responsible for Gold and Silver command of all tri-service emergency response to major critical incidents.

This involved liaising with all emergency service commanders on the ground, setting the parameters of operational response and coordinating resources to achieve a successful outcome and finally briefing the senior commanders, press, local and national government representatives. This post was held for five years prior to leaving the service.

Subsequent to leaving the police service Ian moved to Singapore where he set up his own corporate investigation and advisory business.  

During 2011 Ian moved to Australia where he has been involved in the integrity landscape working with Victoria Police, the Victorian State Ombudsman as a Senior Investigation Officer and latterly as Senior Fraud Investigator at the Department of Education.  

While at the Ombudsman’s office he conducted investigations into serious allegations against local and state government the results of which have led to legislative change. He recently qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner.

During this period he has qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner, advised on fraud risk and investigative frameworks, mentored colleagues in interviewing skills and delivered PEACE interview training to the ACFE in Singapore.