Enhanced Cognitive Interview (ECI) Course


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Start: 09 Oct 2024
End: 11 Oct 2024


The CI was initially developed in an attempt to improve witness memory performance by using various techniques derived from cognitive psychology to gain as much correct information as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the information reported. The original CI comprised a set of four instructions given by the interviewer to the witness:

(i) Report everything;

(ii) Mentally reinstate the context;

(iii) Recall events in a variety of different temporal orders; and

(iv) Change perspective.

Subsequently, the originators of the Cognitive Interview (CI) Fisher & Geiselman, (1984) found that real-life interviewing of witnesses lacked much that the psychology of interpersonal communication deemed important.

They, therefore, developed the Enhanced Cognitive Interview (ECI) (1992). ECI, which incorporated several new principles from memory research and the social psychology of communication. The ECI therefore consists of the original CI techniques noted above plus some additional techniques (e.g. transfer of control and witness-compatible questioning).

This insightful and highly practical three-day course is designed to equip you with relevant skills and techniques on how to conduct effective cognitive interviews with co-operative victims, witnesses and suspects with integrity and in accordance with corporate guidelines, the law and regulations. 

It is founded upon the principles of a widely used and acclaimed framework known as the ‘P.E.A.C.E.’ Framework of interviewing, internationally recognized as the most ethical, and thoroughly proven model to guide the interview process. 

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