Structured Analysis of an Investigative Interview 

Investigation is a core duty of Law Enforcement. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their staff are competent and confident in carrying out their responsibilities in respect of those duties.

The highest standards need to be upheld. Interviews that are professionally undertaken will assist the witness or suspect in contributing significantly to the investigation.

Structured analysis of the Investigative Interviewing process is designed to enhance the professionalism of those tasked with the duty to conduct an element of criminal investigation that impacts on the entire investigation.

Regular refresher training should also be provided at least every two years and interviewers should demonstrate their competency annually.


Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a detailed analysis of the structure of the interview process
  • Analyse question structure
  • Identify any procedural inadequacies
  • Identify breaches of Codes of Practice
  • PACE 1984
  • Identify shortcomings in ABE application for vulnerable witnesses
  • Report on interviewer performance and behaviour


Features and Benefits

Interviews that are professionally undertaken and quality assured can realise several business benefits.

In particular they can:

  • Direct an investigation
  • Support the prosecution case, thereby saving time, money and resources
  • Increase public confidence in your service
  • Failure to professionally undertake and quality assure interviews can have adverse consequences in terms of failure to adhere to legislation, loss of critical material, unsolved crime, lack of credibility and loss of confidence


Review Structure Evaluation of an interview is an essential component of an interview structure.

The review process employed by FIS® and our asscoiates has been demonstrated to provide accurate, timely and constructive feedback to both the interviewer and the referring agency.

The review process is considered during a face-to-face consultation where the Terms of Reference are agreed.

A full report is normally completed within 21days from time of agreement.

Confidentiality is a key principle of the integrity of our business.

The content of the Interview Analysis Process are regularly reviewed and updated in the light of changing policy and legislation, research, learning from SCRs, child death reviews and practice experience.


Target Groups

The service is aimed at all those who have statutory duty to conduct investigative interviews with witnesses, victims and suspects in the process of gathering evidence for a prosecution.

This may include agencies within the public and private sector including:

  • Police
  • Social Services
  • Trading Standards
  • HSE
  • Fraud Investigation
  • IPCC
  • Military
  • Immigration Services
  • Court Service by both Prosecution and Defence solicitors or barristers

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