Call Handling Course

The Call Handling Interviewing skills course is suitable for any customer or client interview by call centre staff, managers, investigators, compliance officers, auditors, bank and insurance personnel.In fact anyone responsible for interviewing people over the telephone where they need to obtain quality information in a simple effective manner.Improving Telephone questioning skills gives people a better understanding of the correct questions to use and offers practical tools to deal with anyone.

It includes the following areas:

  • Good Telephone Interview behaviour to adopt.
  • How the mind processes information and questions.
  • Effective Listening skills.
  • Open and Closed questions.
  • Inappropriate questions.
  • Multiple questions.
  • Leading and Misleading questions.
  • Complex questions.
  • Conflict Resolution.


Business Outcomes

  • Deal with customers in an efficient manner leads to relevant cost benefits.
  • Improved levels of knowledge, planning and interviewer skills raise effectiveness and save time.
  • Raising staff confidence levels, leads to increased job satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.
  • Improved control of interview contact and content leads to cases containing more relevant details, checkable facts and identified inconsistencies at an early stage.
  • Better fraud prevention and increased levels of detection lead to the reduction of losses.

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