Project Management

The key to the seamless integration and success of a new training solution is ensuring that it is formulated to specifically address the needs and requirements of your organisation.

The adoption of an ‘off the shelf package’ that fails to take into account your organisation’s culture, unique challenges, objectives and operational environment can prove in the longer term to be more costly in terms of time and ineffective use of resources and therefore ultimately cost.

It may also fail to bring about the behavioural changes required to bring about organisational change and enhanced staff capability. 

FIS® will provide a bespoke project management service that tailors the solution to meet the individual and unique needs and requirements of your company. 

The FIS® staff providng this service are qualified project managers.  

The service includes the following individually focused products and services:

  • Vision of Success 
  • Investigative Interviewing Model 
  • Project Plan 
  • Project Schedule 
  • Product Breakdown 
  • Project Phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation


Our bespoke project management service will ensure that the solution that we propose will be custom made to meet the individual needs and requirements of your company.

This will ultimately allow your staff to transfer their newly acquired knowledge and skills to their workplace, thus enhancing your organisation’s operational capability.


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