PIP Level 1 (Foundation) Investigative Interviewing Course (UK only)

This is a 5 day course that examines the principles of investigation and investigative interviewing. 

This is an excellent programme for those individuals with no formal training, or those that require their historic skills to be updated.

We will be delivering a virtual PIP 1 Course the week commencing the 13th December 2021 and booking this course can be done via the Training Schedule page. The cost is £700. The Course is aligned to the PIP standards and the associated National Occupational Standards. You will receive an FIS® certificate once you successful complete the course. 


Learning Outcomes

Interviews that are professionally undertaken can have several advantages for your business.

They are:

  • Define the role of an investigator.

  • Outline how to conduct an investigation.

  • Describe how to make investigative decisions and record the rationale.

  • Apply the PEACE interview framework.

  • Identify different investigative interviewing models and principles.

  •  Demonstrate how to conduct an investigative interview for witnesses and suspects.

  •  Structure and produce an investigation report.


The course is in line with the College of Policing "Authorised Professional Practice" (APP) and supports the associated National Occupational Standards (NOS) as follows:

  • CI 101 - Conduct priority and volume investigations
  • CJ 101 - Interview victims and witnesses in relation to priority and volume investigations
  • CJ 201 - Interview suspects in relation to priority and volume investigations


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