Indico Streaming Server takes the secure recording, management and security of your Audio and Video recordings to a different level.

Built on an open architecture, the Indico Streaming Server will ensure that you can manage and store recordings and related multimedia files. Central to the design philosophy has been to create a platform that is easy to use, with a graphical user interface that supports all aspects of the process – recording, summarizing, downstream monitoring, archiving and long-term storage. 

Indico Streaming Server features include:

  • Grant external access to live streams through secure protocols
  • Configurable user settings through active directory support
  • Distribute recordings easily
  • Unique transcription work flow tool
  • Web based user interface (no installs needed)



Allow key personnel to follow an ongoing recording from a remote location via secure login. You can hereby reduce the need for transportation and time spent and makes an otherwise comprehensive logistic situation be solved in an easy and convenient way. Bookmarks can be added in real time by those monitoring the session.


Via a secure login (see Active Directory), interview summarisers can now access a session within minutes of it ending. Using a unique online workflow tool, recorded sessions can be retrieved in seconds using a variety of search criteria and the playback of the session can be controlled via a discreet foot pedal. Once the documentation has been completed, the document can be attached to the recording or alternatively posted to a 3rd party application.


Full support for Active Directory with a User Rights Module. This means that individual users can be assigned different rights from full administrator downwards. For example, session summarizers can be given audio-only rights to video sessions - this saves the unnecessary network carriage of streamed video content. 


Personnel can securely access interviews across a network connection, saving time and money as well as significantly increasing the security of the data – in short, the data never moves.


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