Recording Systems

FIS® are passionate about the importance of accurate recording of information from ALL interview content.

While written notes have a limited use, their weaknesses and limitations must be recognized and understood; detail can be lost, misinterpreted, or, worse still, exposed to ‘confirmation bias’ and ‘inner editor’ with potential catastrophic effect on processes and individuals whilst exposing business to high risk, cost, and reputational damage.

FIS® can provide training on note-taking skills but, better still, why not also invest in an interview recording solution?

That is why FIS® works with Indico Systems who is a leading provider of secure digital recording and evidential management solutions.

Indico Systems software and solutions are changing the way industries record and use recordings in their respective processes, globally.

Indico has more than ten years experience in developing, integrating and testing secure recording solutions. 

For the criminal justice sector, Indico Systems has helped to improve the performance in suspect, witness and victim interviewing processes over the past decade.

Just a cautionary note, recording of interviews without supportive interview training and competency has considerable risk of exposing and recording poor practice.

FIS® can provide the best training and assessment packages available.


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