Indico Recorder is a proven, intuitive and easier way to secure digital recording. It has all the functions you need for the accurate recording of live situations and comes with both fixed and moveable cameras.

Indico Recorder is the ideal solution and replaces technology that is out-dated, proprietary and prone to failure. It is available as a standalone solution, or can be connected to Indico Streaming Server that allows for a fully networked solution.

Indico Recorder features include:

  • Reliable high quality recordings in standard formats
  • Eliminate recording failures
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Ensure authenticity of recordings
  • Supports multiple cameras


Indico Recorder comes with a state of the art cyclic redundancy check. In the unlikely event that an ongoing recording does not record any audio or video, Indico Recorder will notify the user who will be able to address the issue instantly instead of ending up with an entire session with no documentation.



A unique checksum is generated to guarantee the authenticity of the data as it is used. All sessions can be securely held in an archive for fast retrieval and/or deletion as required.


The user interface of Indico Recorder has been developed together with our customers. The result is a very intuitive and self-explanatory user interface. It will further allow us to make changes to the user interface depending on the needs of each individual customer.


Indico provides multiple burning options, either to CD, DVD or external storage devices. For example, audio only can be selected for transcription purposes or sections burned for case review. As each disc is prepared a log records all activities of the session for auditing purposes.


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