Indico Portable Recorder is the ideal solution for a wide range of investigative applications. Quick to setup, it captures Video and/or Audio into a robust and secure software package, Indico Recorder.

Users can burn a copy of the interview immediately, edit and burn a copy when located elsewhere, or connect to Indico Streaming Server and hereby providing off-site live stream access to ongoing interviews. 

Indico Portable Recorder features include:

  • Robust and flexible solution
  • Can be used in a variety of environments
  • Eliminate recording failures (using a CRC)
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Ensure authenticity of recordings



Whether you have to document evidence and/or material at a crime scene or at the home/hospital of a key information holder, the Indico Portable Recorder lets you do that. A rough PeliCase, a laptop, two high quality cameras and a high quality microphone is all it takes. Be up and running with a secure and reliable documentation "room" in a few minutes.



A unique checksum is generated to guarantee the authenticity of the data as it is used. All sessions can be securely held in an archive for fast retrieval and/or deletion as required.


Via a secure login, people operating in the field can grant live access to colleagues from HQ or other facility. Be the first to provide a live feed from a crime scene or a home/hospital and save valuable time. Make instant decisions in collaboration with remote colleagues.


Indico provides multiple burning options, either to CD, DVD or external storage devices. For example, audio only can be selected for transcription purposes or sections burned for case review. As each disc is prepared a log records all activities of the session for auditing purposes.


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