Sexual Offence Liaison Officers (SOLO) Course 

Dealing with victims of Rape and Serious Sexual Assault can be a difficult task without the correct training. 

The SOLO is an integral part of the investigation team. The SOLO provides the investigation team with initial response to a serious sexual offence, the parameters of this response should be set within the SOLO role description within your Organisation.

This 5 day course is designed for investigators and police officers whom will be responsible for taking a full account from a victim of rape or serious sexual assault in any Organisation.  

The aim of this course is to provide the delegate with the knowledge and skills to deal with victims of Rape and Serious Sexual Assault.

They will be able to perform the role with confidence and demonstrate the knowledge and skill required to gather evidence, allowing a witness to achieve their best evidence.


Topics covered include:

  • The relevant sexual offence legislation for the Organisation
  • The relevant operating procedures regarding the investigation of rape and serious sexual assault
  • The role and responsibilities of the SOLO within an investigation
  • Investigative Interviewing skills for taking the first account and recording the information
  • The use of Early Evidence Kits for preserving evidence
  • Forensic issues within sexual offence investigations 
  • Scenarios within the training programme designed for your Organisation 


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