FIS® are pleased to announce that Kerry Marlow has joined the team and we are now managing Kerry's website 

We are also promoting the Notetaker system as devised by Kerry which greatly benefits any investigative interview with a victim, witness or suspect.

The interviewer is expected to gather detail for the purpose of criminal or civil proceedings - Defining detail has relied on the experience and knowledge of the individual interviewer.

‘Notetaker’ has been developed to provide a more consistent approach to the gathering of detail.

Using the system may assist interviewers in assessing and identifying the information categories of detail differentiating between evidential and investigative detail.

When conducting interviews, investigators face the formidable task of having to actively listen, formulate questions and take notes simultaneously.

In the absence of a structure to taking their notes, interviewers’ may be inclined to try and make a contemporaneous written record of the information provided by the interviewee.

In these circumstances, the demands on the interviewer’s information processing systems are likely to be overloaded.

Using the ‘Notetaker’ system can assist in structuring notetaking, analysis of the detail and briefing and debriefing of interviewers and other personnel involved in the investigation. 



Posted on 06/05/2015 by Kerry Marlow