Stuart Pemberton

stu pembertonStuart recently retired as a senior officer with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) after 30 years’ service. As a detective he was the instigator and lead officer in many successful and commended force wide operations, such as Operation Scarlet which worked, successfully, with many agencies. As Chief Inspector in the Local Policing Improvement Branch, Stuart was the lead for promoting public reassurance through improved communications.

During a restructure of force branches, Stuart used his interview and recruitment skills to identify individuals for key roles. In his role as a GMP trainer, Stuart designed and delivered the public speaking course to all ranks. He specialised in probationary training, delivering investigative interviewing, statement taking and diversity training amongst many other courses.

Following completion of his Senior Investigating Officer’s course, Stuart was a Senior Investigator in many complex cases during his time with the Police Internal Affairs Branch.

He provided emergency 24 hour cover advice to commanding officers and played a lead role in Operation Isar; a 2 year cold case review of policing practices in a high profile London case.

His role included evaluating police interviews as well as planning complex interview strategies for his team and conducting the interviews.

During his service he received 7 commendations as well as citations for the high quality of his work and his dedication.

Stuart has a diploma in counselling and is an experienced and qualified coach and mentor. These qualifications complement his excellent communication skills. He is also an NVQ Assessor.

Since his retirement, Stuart has maintained his experience as an effective trainer within an educational setting.