Mick Symons

Mick SymonsMichael (Mick) Symons is a specialist investigator with a background in policing (South Australia), the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in New South Wales (Australia) and his own company (Anti-Corruption Consultants Australia).The majority of his service in the South Australia Police was in criminal investigation. He moved from a detective (serving in various squads/Divisions) to the Officer-in-Charge of various areas including Organised Crime Investigation Branch, Drug Operations, regional Detective Divisions, and the Major Crime Investigation Branch - MCIB (investigating homicide, paedophilia, serious sexual offences including rape and abduction and terrorist related activities). In the course of his duties with the MCIB, he had oversight of more than 50 active and cold case murder investigations. He was the nominated “Lead - Investigator” for terrorist related incidents.

Mick was also the Officer-in-Charge of the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) for eight (8) years. The ACB investigated allegations of corruption across the Public Sector (including police). In the course of his duties with ACB, he had managerial oversight of more than 400 corruption related investigations.

Mick then moved to the NSW ICAC where he held the position of Executive Director of the Investigation Division. He held this position for four (4) years. During that time he had oversight of more than 300 preliminary and 50 major corruption related investigations.

Mick, in the course of his career as an investigator, has been involved either as an investigator or managerial oversight of more than 3000 investigations.

In 2011, Mick formed Anti-Corruption Consultants Australia (ACCA). ACCA provides specialist investigation and consulting services to companies and government organisations across the world. He has provided consulting services to the Bangladesh Police (Police Integrity Unit), Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency, Indonesian Anti-Corruption Agency (KPK), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy, the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group (APEC), the Office of Internal Oversight (OIOS) for the UN, the Bhutan Anti-Corruption Agency and the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand (ONACC).

Mick is a senior consultant with Fulcrum Chambers (specialist international law firm - London) where he specialises in the investigation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act offences.

Mick has presented at national and international conferences on corruption related issues. He has lectured at the Hong Kong University (SPACE) program, Australian National University, Wollongong University, the University of South Australia, and Flinders University (SA).

Mick holds a Master of International law/International Relations (LLM), a MBA and a LLB (with Honours). He has postgraduate qualifications in law, fraud investigation, mediation, arbitration and other relevant areas. He is a graduate of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (Laxenburg – Austria). He is admitted to practice law in South Australia and New South Wales.

Mick is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a member of the Council of International Investigators (CII) and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional – International (CCEP-I).