Kim Francis

IMG 20190525 152100Kim joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in March 1986, at the age of 24 years. She spent the first 3 years of her AFP career in ACT Policing working general duties attending and investigating Canberra local crime including burglaries, assaults, domestic violence, thefts, criminal damage and stolen motor vehicles.

In January 1989 Kim moved into Forensics as a Crime Scene Examiner for ACT Policing and AFP National Policing. She spent the next 9 years attending and investigating crime from a forensic perspective, including deaths, fires, burglaries, robberies, assaults and drug importations & exportations. During this time Kim obtained an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Forensic Investigation).

From the end of 1997 Kim took time out of her full-time career to raise her children. During that time she also worked several casual jobs including providing security clearances, up to Top Secret, as a Security Clearance Assessment Officer.

In May 2006 Kim re-joined the AFP. She spent the next 4 years working in ACT Policing Operations and ACT Traffic.

In April 2010 Kim transferred to Learning and Development where she spent the next 2 years training at the AFP College. During this time Kim obtained her initial Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

In April 2012 Kim won a position within the Department of Immigration, where she managed a training team responsible for providing training across the country to Immigration staff and contractors. Kim obtained her official promotion to Executive Level during this time.

In February 2015, prior to the official integration of Immigration and Customs, Kim joined an Executive Level team responsible for providing Career Coaching across the soon to be integrated Australian Border Force (ABF). During this time Kim obtained her Level I and Level II in Organisational Coaching.

In September 2015 Kim joined the faculty of the ABF College in Canberra. During the next 3.5 years Kim ran a team of qualified trainers and assessors responsible for building operational training and assessment programs and providing training. She also continued with her Organisational Coaching and Leadership. During this time Kim upgraded her Cert IV in Training and assessment twice and obtained her Level III in Organisational Coaching and her Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and Leadership. 

In January 2019 Kim retired from the workforce after almost 18 years with the AFP and almost 7 years with Immigration & Border Protection (4 years ABF). Kim is excited to join FIS and sharing her skills and experience.