John Mytton

John MyttonJohn Mytton is a former Chief of the General Policing Department of the National Police Training School in Kosovo; serving with the Organisation for the Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) under the auspices of the UN Mission in Kosovo between 2001 and 2002. John completed 30 years service with West Midlands Police, during which time, he was awarded 9 Chief Superintendent Commendations, a Police Authority Commendation and a Queen’s Commendation for bravery.

He qualified as an International Police Trainer whilst in Kosovo and is a qualified National Police Trainer in the UK. He is also an accredited Security Management Specialist and Counter Fraud Specialist and is a qualified trainer in both disciplines. During 2006, he served the last 6 months of his Police service seconded to Warwickshire Constabulary, where he was specifically requested to design and deliver their new probationer-training programme. They subsequently employed him as a civilian staff trainer to train detectives in investigative interviewing.

As a Tier 2 investigative interviewer and qualified trainer, he trained officers from the rank of Detective Constable to Detective Superintendent.His leadership and management skills were brought to the fore in Kosovo where he was selected to lead a team of 40 international police trainers and 20 local translators. This team trained nearly 1000 recruits per annum in three intakes.

The role required the management of people from hugely varying backgrounds, where ethnicity had only recently been the justification for genocide.

In an environment where corruption and human rights violations were commonplace and bribery had been the only way to progress, John was presented with a School Director’s commendation for the exemplary way in which he had led his team and changed the trainees’ attitude to public service. John is currently with NHS Protect, which tackles crime in the NHS.

He was instrumental in the development and delivery of their current security management and counter fraud courses where he delivered investigative interviewing training to delegates from both the NHS and the private sector such as KPMG, RSM Tenon, Parkhill and Deloitte. These courses are accredited through Portsmouth University. He has also developed a course for NHS employees, which addresses powers under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act. The course has since been rolled out across the whole of the NHS in England.

He is currently an area manager whose task is to mentor and advise Security Management Specialists in NHS Trusts throughout the North West of England. Similarly, he also advises senior NHS managers and directors to ensure compliance with national security standards and legislative requirements. His role also includes engaging with other stakeholders such as the Care Quality Commission, Health and Safety Executive, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Police. In 2014, John successfully brokered two service level agreements with the CPS on behalf of the NHS Trusts in the North West of England. These groundbreaking agreements ensure a positive stance toward the protection of NHS staff and the prosecution of those who would assault them.