John Crandon

John CrandonJohn has almost 27 years police service, the majority of which has been involved in investigating serious and complex crime.

A member of the Gwent Police Major Incident Team since its inception in 2007, John has been directly involved in excess of 70 murder investigations in addition to other major crime enquiries, including investigations with the Roads Policing Unit into deaths connected to Road Traffic matters.

Johns’ core roles and responsibilities are in the arena of suspect and witness interviewing around which he has developed a wealth of experience.

He is a Level 2 Specialist in Suspect, Sex Offender, Vulnerable Adult and Counter Terrorism Interviewing. He is also trained as an Enhanced Cognitive Witness Interviewer. 

Currently a Detective Sergeant on The Gwent Police Major Incident Team, John sits on the implementation board of the Digital Interviewing Project and has responsibility as the Gwent Police Force Interview Adviser. 

Academically, John graduated from the University of Wales, Newport with a Certificate in Education: PcET.

With his vast experience and training qualifications John is increasingly being used in a learning and development role within Gwent Police.

John has presented and developed bespoke training lessons and packages specifically for level 2 Specialist officers in the arena of Tier 3 (Advanced Suspect Interviewers) and Tier 5 (The Management of Suspect and Witness Interviews).

John regularly assists with continued professional development in different work-streams throughout Gwent Police.