Annaik Feve

Annaik Feve

Annaik Feve, MD, PhD, CFE, is a medical specialist in Neurology and Neurosciences.

She also has an expertise in psychodynamic technic of  tests, interviews and follow up.

She has more than 20 years experience in research, psychological and neurosciences investigations and support.

She works with both individuals and groups of corporate and managers, in public and private organizations.  

She is the founder of Neurofinde, a consulting and training firm, focusing on human factor and psychology of compliance, investigation, and security.

Annaik applies her expertise in neurosciences and psychodynamic interviews to provide clients with strategic insight into complex researches.

During her carrier, she has managed medical teams and assisted international organizations with her expert network.

She also trains corporates , family business leaders, government officers, as well as small business managers about psychology and neurosciences aspects of behavior.

She has publishes about the unconscious language of movement ( The Shadow of Movement, The Psychoanalytic Review) , the neuropsychology of compliance and due diligence for bankers (Revue Banque)