Steve Lee

SteveleeSteve Lee has 44 years law enforcement experience, 30 of which were spent as a sworn officer with Lancashire Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police.

Steve enjoyed a variety of interesting posting and ranks, retiring as a Detective Superintendent. Regarded as a career detective, having entered investigations in 1979, he worked as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) on homicide and other serious and series crimes. Steve received numerous commendations for professionalism and bravery during his career and was recognized for excellence of leadership on several occasions including strategic/investigative command at Forest Bank prison riot.

Steve received advanced detective training at Metropolitan Police, West Midlands and Police Staff College, Bramshill where he was an adjunct lecturer. He is an alumnus of the West Midlands Police Interview Development Unit. His academic qualifications began with a BA(Hons) in Public Administration and progressed to a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Master’s degree in Forensic and Legal Psychology, and Master’s degree in Management with focus on organizational culture and communication. Steve is also a qualified life coach, counsellor, NLP practitioner, and stress management consultant.

His international experience of policing includes being a criminal specialist and instructor for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation for almost ten years, establishing their first Leadership Development Program and instigating a defined interview and interrogation training program for Special Agent recruits. During his tenure he also developed undercover operations and sex abuse training programs. As a trainer Steve is certified by NC Training and Standards Division as both a General and Firearms Instructor and Professional Lecturer in Psychology. Steve received 15 memoranda of commendation for his work with the SBI and was nominated for “Law Enforcement Officer.Com” Trainer of the Year award 2013. He was the first NC law enforcement instructor to complete the advanced instructor development program.

As an instructor since 1982, Steve’s training philosophy is grounded in the belief that excellence of communication is the foundation of all skill and personal development. He has taught a diverse range of practical and academic subjects to students ranging from recruit-level to the most senior of ranks at university, justice academies, and community colleges.

Steve has delivered courses on team building, leadership, and communication skills throughout North America and is certified in the use of a variety of psychological instruments including, MBTI, DiSC, TKI, Firo-B, and EQ-i. A professional member of The Association for Talent Development he is also an active member of the NC Police Executives Association, North Carolina Training Officers Association, International Law Enforcement Educators Association, and NC Homicide Investigator’s Association.

He has been a guest speaker at a number of conferences and workshops where his focus has been on communication, interviewing, interpersonal communication, and team building.

Steve currently delivers law enforcement training to community colleges via his company, Blue Veritas, and provides contract training and coaching to public and private sector businesses via his other enterprise, Bridgewater Consulting.